At arena we recognize that everything we do has an impact on the planet we live on, as well as its people.

We strive to help create a future that continues to allow everyone to enjoy swimming and water sports in a healthy environment.

That’s why we’re committed to having a positive impact on you, the environment and our communities, inspired by our passion for sports and life in and by the water, our most abundant natural element.

As a leader in the sports realm our commitment to ‘responsibility’ represents the conscious and effortful way in which we plan to measure our footprint and invest in our planet.

arena’s products are designed to help and inspire people to be active and to move towards the best version of themselves by being healthier and connected to nature. As part of that philosophy, quality and durability are key considerations in our design process in order to guarantee that our products are long-lasting and don’t need to be replaced frequently, thus reducing waste.

We choose partners who share our values and, like us, invest in both the planet and its people.

We care about the well-being and rights of employees working in the manufacture of arena’s products and are committed to being transparent about our partners and policies.

We support local communities and promote watersports through sponsorship and collaboration with national sports federations, sports teams, and international governing bodies.

We are an equal-opportunity employer and value diversity ensuring equal treatment for all our employees across the globe.

The arena brand was born in water, and for over 50 years has thrived in its element.
We’ve learned that to do so requires courage, responsibility, and action, and we remain resolute in our desire to give everyone the opportunity of living their deep connection with water: that feeling of freedom and peace, joy and profundity we all experience in and by the water.