At the beginning of the 90’s arena was ready to launch another technological breakthrough: AquaRacer®. AquaRacer was designed to make swimmers glide through the water because of its extra smooth finish and outstanding fit with maximum freedom of movement.

In 1997, the arena D&D Team did it again and left everyone speechless with the launch of X-Flat®, a fabric that was even thinner, smoother and lighter than AquaRacer. With a 25% lower weight than any other fabric used for competition level products, X-Flat was just a preview of what was to come in 2000. At the same time, the arena Elite Team continued to recruit new talented swimmers who went on to become historical world-class champions. Members included such talent as Alexander Popov and Franziska van Almsick, two of swimming’s dominating world performers of the 90s. arena’s drive to go beyond any established limit gave the world two technological breakthroughs: Powerskin® (2000) and Powerskin X-Treme® (2004). Powerskin technology became the flagship of the new generation of elite competition full-body swimsuits, as the new suits almost entirely cover an athlete’s body. Powerskin® and Powerskin X-Treme® have won the privilege of accompanying the greatest champions onto the podiums of the most prestigious swimming events in Europe and the World.

And today they are still the preferred racing swimsuits for a great number of international swimming champions, such as Laure Manaudou, Filippo Magnini, Roland Schoeman, Ryk Neethling, Laszlo Cseh and the list goes on.